Hire Charges – Equipment

Hire Charges – Equipment

Use of P.A System with one microphone (table or boom stand)
Use of P.A System with two microphones (1 table and 1 boom stand)

Use of cooking facilities (includes 2 cookers and range of pans, 2 heated cupboards)

Crockery and Cutlery
Cups and Saucers 150 available 6p per set
Dinner Plates 150 available 6p each
Side Plates 150 available 3p each
Soup Plates 150 available 3p each
Desert Dishes (glass) 150 available 3p each
Full Place Settings 150 available 20p per set
The appropriate cutlery, coffee jugs & cream/milk jugs are all included.

Water Carafe with 5 glasses – per set (7 sets available)

Stage Lighting

There is a provision for special lighting for theatrical performances, concerts etc.

This consists of 4m x 4m lighting bars in the central bay of the Hall. The installation belongs to the Hall, but the lights and the control desk are property of Hedon Drama Group. The control desk is removed when not in use but the Drama Group have agreed to lend it to the bone fide users. Prior notice is required.